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I Me Mine

BBC Local Radio: National distribution
October 2004


This short song by George Harrison
is the last track ever recorded by the Beatles.

And it's about my fixation with me.
I me mine, I me mine, I me mine:
we all know what he's talking about.
Looking out for No.1 – it's not something we ever had to learn.
It's the self-interest that leads to all the miseries of the world.

The writer Gore Vidal said,
‘Every time a friend succeeds, a little part of me dies.’
Struggling against the stubborn self is the work of a lifetime.

I love the way George sings this song as a waltz,
and then suddenly the chorus breaks into blues –
they're so different, the verse and the chorus,
it's almost as if your radio has switched to another station.

But they're both playing the same message.
It's all about me, me, me,
no matter what the tune is.

This is such an honest song.
‘Even those tears,’ George sings,
are all about me.

That's such a ruthless thought.
So cold and unsentimental.
I can't pretend I like what he's singing,
but I know it's true.

I know that changing the world starts here...
with me.

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