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Ship of Fools Live:
A highly entertaining show

Ideal for conferences, church breakfasts and weekends, or university events, the 90-minute show gives a deck by deck tour of Ship of Fools, covering everything from Gadgets for God and the Mystery Worshipper, through to Signs and Blunders, Born Twice and the Caption Competition.

Ship of Fools Live is a two-hander presented by me and Steve Goddard, the co-editor of Ship of Fools. We throw a lot of images and video on screen during the show, and there’s also live music delivered from the piano.

Ship of Fools Live is a flammable mixture of very funny and more thought-provoking stuff, with irreverent humour that sails close to the wind. The show is normally in two halves, with a short break in between, but we’re happy to tailor the material to fit.

To find out more about the show, please send me a message by clicking the contact button below.

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