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Subtitled ‘the magazine of Christian unrest’, Ship of Fools is both a webzine and online community, currently delivering just over 3 million pages per month and with an estimated readership of 130,000. The site is a satirical and self-critical take on the Christian faith, by committed Christians.

I’m the founder and editor of Ship of Fools, with Steve Goddard as the co-editor and genius behind our numerous PR successes. The project dates back to 1977, when the Ship was a print magazine, and it’s been online since 1997. Go here for the Ship of Fools story.

On the webzine side, we run several special features, including the Mystery Worshipper, where volunteers visit churches and write amusing and informative reviews of their services.

The Ship is also a thriving online community, with one of the longest-running and most lively religious discussion boards on the Net. A team of 30 people blessed with the patience of Job run the boards and help maintain order and incisive debate.

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