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Icon Corners:
A workshop or short retreat

One of the things I’ve enjoyed in discovering the icon tradition is the way icons are taken into the home to become a place where you and your family or friends can come together to pray.

Traditionally, in Orthodoxy, icons are placed in a corner of the home which is specially set aside for that purpose. The place is called ‘the beautiful corner’.

This presentation arose out of an online survey I ran, in which over 150 people answered questions about sacred space in their homes. ‘It’s a place in which to find refuge in God,’ said one person. ‘It’s where I go to pray, dream and drift.’

The Icon Corners workshop includes photographs and quotes from the survey, as well as a full-sized, free-standing icon corner I’ve made, complete with icons, books and examples on how to use the space (pictured right).

To find out more about Icon Corners, which is available as a single workshop, or a longer retreat, send me a message by clicking the contact button below.

Also see: Windows into Heaven.

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