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Adventures in online church:
A lecture and visual presentation

One of the unexpected things we discovered when we launched Ship of Fools back in 1998 was how quickly the site grew as an online community. Our discovery of thousands of ‘shipmates’ round the world on our bulletin boards, led us to explore community firstly through an online gameshow, The Ark, and then by launching an experiment in online church, Church of Fools.

This lecture and presentation follows our adventures in online community and church, from the highs of the huge interest in Church of Fools, through to the lows of attacks by ragers and trolls.

It also explores and questions new ways of doing church on the net, ranging from the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life through to i-church and St Pixels (which was what Church of Fools did next).

To find out more about Adventures in online church, please send me a message by clicking the contact button below.

adventures in online church
tony campolo avatar in church of fools
the chapel onboard the ark
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