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The Mystery Worshipper:
A presentation or workshop

The Mystery Worshipper is one of the flagship projects of Ship of Fools. Every Sunday, somewhere around the world, one of our sacred spies is sitting in a church pew, observing the service and then completing a 20-point questionnaire which gets to the heart of church life: How long was the sermon? How hard were the pews? How cold was the coffee? How warm was the welcome?

Our Mystery Worshippers travel incognito, and the only way churches know if they have been visited is by the Mystery Worshipper calling card, discreetly slipped into the collection plate during the offertory.

After over 12 years of the project, we now have nearly 2,000 reports online from churches as far apart as Scunthorpe and Singapore, New York and New Delhi, and covering all the church traditions within mainstream Christianity.

As editor of the Mystery Worshipper, I offer a guided tour to this fascinating (and mischievous) project. The presentation, which is highly visual, is always tailored to include churches in your area, and can be customised in other ways on request.

If you would like to make a booking, or to find out more about this presentation, please get in touch with me by clicking the contact button below.

the mystery worshipper
mystery worshipper card in the collection plate
cross island chapel, oneida, new york
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