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Every other year on Ship of Fools, we ask our readers to send in the least tasteful religious products they have found on the net, which we then fashion into a top 12, to form The 12 Days of Kitschmas.

This salute to bad taste has led us to unearth the St Sebastian Pin Cushion and The Pope’s Cologne (pictured right, held by Steve Goddard and me), the Coffin Glamour Calendar, and a set of Nativity Rubber Ducks.

The 12 Days of Kitschmas has been frequently picked up by the media, which is no great surprise, as it was developed and marketed as a media-friendly feature.

‘The point about the Ship of Fools Kitschmas collection, with all its multifarious blasphemies, is that it is put together by Christians laughing at the excesses of their own religion,’ said Andrew Brown in The Guardian.

Probably our finest hour was unveiling the Walled Nativity Set, a traditional wood-carved nativity scene with an Israeli-style security wall cutting across it, separating the wise men from the stable. Including this as our 13th item in the 2007 12 Days of Kitschmas led to widespread media interest in the Bethlehem wood-carvers who produced it.

the 12 days of kitschmas
goddard and jenkins with kitschmas gifts
nativity rubber ducks
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