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Early in 2004, the Methodist Church, renowned for standing firm against the demon drink, did something mind-boggling. They printed and distributed a quarter of a million beer mats.

People in pubs, student unions, cafés and cinemas up and down the land were invited on the beer mats to have a ‘Moses moment’. All they had to do was text in their ideas for an 11th Commandment to go alongside Moses’ original line-up of 10.

Huge press coverage followed. Not to mention 2,000 new commandments. And the winner? Thou shalt not worship false pop idols.

The initiative was designed by The Methodist Church’s 20s and 30s Group, and sought to reach out to the church’s ‘missing generation’ of under-40s to discover what matters to them and what they think about God.

I provided the 11th commandment concept and produced the online expression of the project, which was a partnership between The Methodist Church and Ship of Fools.

the 11th commandment
11th commandment beer mats
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