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I’ve been writing copy since the late 1980s, in all sorts of commercial media: mailshots, annual reports, speeches and presentations, leaflets, catalogues, book blurbs, advertisements, brochures, and more recently, material for the Web.

My areas of expertise are religious faith, education and overseas development, and I have also written in the areas of popular culture and management consultancy.

In the copy I write or edit I value clarity of structure and expression, and I always aim to be concrete, using specific and colourful examples where it’s possible. Persuasive copy which answers the basic questions can’t go far wrong: Who are these people? What do they want to do? Why are they doing it? How are they going to achieve their goal?

I’m equally happy to work with existing draft copy, or to start from scratch with a brief, or to do my own research. If you’d like to discuss copywriting work, just get in touch by clicking the "contact" button below.

Here are two examples of my copywriting: an email newsletter and copy for a website page on management consultancy.

Above: Tearfund leaflet
Ship of Fools has an intrepid team of Mystery Worshippers travelling incognito in the British aisles and beyond, reporting on the comfort of the pews, the warmth of the welcome and the length of the sermon
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